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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

C3 FANatics Open Discussion: Rice Ruling on Hardy's Future

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How will the Rice Ruling weigh on Greg Hardy's future with the Carolina Panthers?


  1. Does this mean that the Panthers should cut Greg Hardy? I don't know if I want that to happen honestly. I don't think the organization should have to suffer financially and be on the hook for the 13 million if they do. Additionally, I don't think you can void his contract without kicking the hornets nest that is the Players Union.

    I'm also not sure if the direct correlation between Hardy and Rice is as clear as everyone believes. There is clear, hard proof in the Rice case, and the real wonder is why he isn't facing more legal problems. In the Hardy case, all of the evidence was really circumstantial. Something happened, but what happened is more cloudy....white powdery??? than the old "Dirty Rice."

    Ugghhh....can't ya'll jackies jut be good and play football!!!

    Love to get some of the lady Panther fans opinions on this!

  2. I'm torn on the topic. I love The Kraken, but something's are bigger than football.

  3. I’ve been asked several times on my take on the Greg Hardy case, especially in light of the Ray Rice debacle. It’s a hard question to answer and to be honest I am not sure how I feel. I spent time yesterday wondering how different people can come up with such diverse reactions around Ray Rice. Let me preface this by saying, I have no first hand, or even second hand knowledge of domestic violence. I don’t know if this allows me to be more subjective or if it makes me more naive.

    Not specific to this case, let me say, I think domestic violence is a HORRIBLE thing and the men who do it are nothing more than disgusting pigs that should pay a big price. I believe that most reports of violence are true and that women should be protected from further violence and shame. I personally would open my home to any woman escaping violence and would do whatever I could to help keep them safe and help them start a new life. That being said, not every single case is true. As disgusting as it is for a man to put his hands on a woman, it’s as disgusting for a woman to make a vengeance claim against a man. For those that think false accusations can never happen, I suggest researching the Duke Lacrosse case.

    I don’t know which scenario is the case with Greg Hardy. If the allegations are true I think Hardy should pay a big price among them, being released from the team. If the allegations aren’t true and the NFL and/or Panthers dole out punishment prior to the case being resolved, he will have lost something he can never get back as the Duke Lacrosse team did.

    There are questions in my mind regarding the validity of the claim. Among them, Hardy makes the initial call to police asking for help having Nicole Holder removed from his apartment after she refused to leave- Holder then running from police and refusing to talk to them on the night in question-lack of physical marks on Holder in light of descriptions of brutal violence. These are just a few of the questions I have, could there be logical answers, absolutely. I am just waiting for the court case to play out; hopefully I will get some of my questions answered.

    Let me say again, I in no way think that just because someone is on your favorite team should violence be overlooked. I am for harsh punishment for those guilty of such violence regardless of who they are. Hopefully our legal system prevails and whatever doubts anyone has will be answered, whichever answer that may be. Our legal system is not perfect-but I still believe it is the best in the world. I’ll accept and support whatever decision a jury finds.

    If you or someone you know needs help in the US: call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).


    1. Great post Abbie. Are you in need of a part time job? I know a site that is looking for qualified writers. If your interested let me know. I know the sites owners. LOL

    2. This was a very thoughtful response. I'm bothered a lot by all of this with the NFL. A lot of this frustration comes from the way that these organizations handle this stuff, what I feel is in a very disingenuous way.

      All of this stuff is bad: drugs, violence, murder, and just plain asinine behavior in a lot of instances. But it seems that all of this is just knee jerk rather than real concern. For me this can be most seen in the substance abuse policy. When the league hands out a year long suspension to Josh Gordon for smoking weed...and then complains that it is a pattern of behavior, citing his college career and then hands out 4 games suspensions to Roethlisberger and a 2 game suspension to Rice...(I'm sure if I researched this I would find more examples that highlight this), this indicates to me that this is for show.

      This is simply the Shield trying to look good as baseball absorbed all the heat from the HGH and steroid problems in professional sports. It's not because they care about drug use. If it was, weed would be off the list because it is legal in 2 states. So who is to say you cant smoke a J when in Denver...can you drink alcohol in a county that is a dry county? This is the same to me, and pretty apparent, when it comes to these problems with the law and domestic violence issues.

      Perhaps how strange all of this to me is to see how much of a wussy Roger Goodell is. Have some backbone and take a stand on issues, rather than being pushed around by the media, then by public opinion, then by the players union.....Lead rather than react.

      OH and #FreeGordon.

  4. If there is any evidence, and I mean actual evidence not just someone's take on the events that transpired on the night in question, then Hardy should face the same punishment as Ray Rice. But to my knowledge there has been nothing but "he said, she said" regarding the night in question.These cases are different, so there should be a different punishment handed down to Hardy. If he is found guilty of any domestic abuse or violence against a woman.

  5. Thanks Joe- I have a few articles in me- it's just a matter of making myself take the time to do them. Really wanted to think before speaking on this case so I forced myself. 140 characters is not enough for something like this!

  6. Abbie, your post is very well written and leaves me with little to say, as I agree with you completely. While the topic is the same, I don't think the Rice and Hardy situations are comparable at this point. I think the women involved are very different and the law enforcement involvement (or lack thereof in the Rice case) is different as well. As women, I feel we are automatically expected to be on the woman's side in every case, but we all know that that might not be a fair expectation. As with anything else, there are people who exploit situations to benefit themselves, and unfortunately, some women take advantage of these situations to the detrement of the women who defend them. That's why I find the Hardy situation tricky. I think the woman's story is questionable, and I want to hear the evidence of the trial. I want a jury to make a decision, not a lone judge. I think that would be more fair.

    With respect to the team, I don't know the rules of the league well enough to know what they can or cannot do to Hardy's playing time at this point. I don't think it's fair to expect the team to take action if they can't. However, if the team is within it's rights to take some action against Hardy, maybe they should. Whatever the circumstances, he made questionable choices that night, and the team can show him that his actions were not acceptable and don't accurately allign with those of the Panthers as an organization.

    No matter what happens, I hope all involved are treated fairly and respectfully. We can certainly be better than the Ravens in that respect.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts. I love this team and I love being a part of such a great fan base--no, family.

    Susan (@scsusan1516)