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Friday, September 5, 2014

FANantics Open Discussion: Does Sky Fall without Cam?

The "FANatics Open Discussion" is a place for Panther fans to direct the discussion.  Panther fans can contribute to this open discussion thread by dropping a comment below.

There's a lot of uncertainty about +Cam Newton playing Sunday in the opener against Tampa.  Does the sky fall in Carolina if Cam can't go on Sunday


  1. I wanna know what happens if DA plays like we put Joe Webb in?

    You want to win the game, not develop a backup for Week 2. If Anderson struggles, Rivera will need the guts to try out Webb, even though fans think DA is a stud and not a backup.

  2. I do think that without Cam, we don't win. But I'd rather us lose 1 game than to lose Cam for the year. Love the Chicken Little reference.

  3. Well I don' think the sky will fall, but I do believe it will get much closer. Our defense is good enough to keep us in a lot of games. Cam will get us the win in most of those games. If we are without Cam we won't be on the winning side of those games. Remember how the offense and Cam kept us close in games during his first 2 years and we lost many of those games because our defense was not good enough to stop anyone? Well it's a bit different now, Cam is getting us wins because our defense can stop almost anyone.

  4. DA is efficient enough to where we should beat the Yucs so long as we can run the ball. Comes down to Oline.

  5. If it comes down to joe Webb playing we have no chance

    1. I think we have more chance with Webb than DA. Webb has looked just as good in the preseason. Sure he played guys lower on the depth chart, but he also had an offensive line that was lower on depth chart and had receivers that were lower on our depth chart.