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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

C3 FANatics Open Discussion: Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans?

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Who will have the bigger rookie debut on Sunday, Mike Evans (#7 overall) or Kelvin Benjamin (#28 overall)?


  1. Who would have thought in May that Benjamin would look this polished. Evans may benefit from playing alongside of Vincent Jackson, but Benjamin is Cam and Shula's first option. We haven't just worked him into the scheme, but made him the key player in the passing game. He hasn't disappointed, grabbing a TD in his preseason debut. I guessing he gets at least one on Sunday. My prediction: outperforms Evans in catches, yards, and TDs....the trifecta.

  2. On the flip side, you never can tell game to game about a guy like that. When he gets extra attention by the defense, it could open things up for a big day from Olsen or Cotchery. The thing is now, Kelvin's on the radar AS our likely top threat and Shula's first option. Evans, not so much because of what you pointed out. Both are gonna be nice red zone targets but our defense should limit his more than theirs should limit ours. I don't see either team doing a whole lot of scoring, really.