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Monday, September 29, 2014

Panther Nation Holds Monday Night Mental Health Meeting

Boy did I need something to pick me up after two demoralizing Panther losses.  We all know the deal, Carolina gave up 70 points in two weeks falling to 2-2.  So, #C3 scheduled an emergency mental health meeting Monday night. The meeting helped, if you didn't make it.  Here the bullet points:

Basically, we hugged it out and regained a little composure. Oh and boy did we laugh.  So put your smiles on and enjoy!


  1. Watching the Pats take a beating at the hands of the Chiefs was very therapeutic for me. The past 2 weeks have caused me to question so much in my life. My marriage, children, and my career. This Monday night football was very calming and helped me settle all these questions I had after Sunday. Thank God for Monday nights.

  2. Damn Joe...that's some soul searching. #LoveDrunkBrady