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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Was Cam Newton's Girl Gear a Statement?

So we all saw the tragedy that occurred in Charlotte this past Sunday night--yes, I’m talking Cam Newton’s girl gear.  

Sure the Panthers were terrible and the offensive line played as if they were wearing women’s lingerie underneath those pads, but damn Cam, what was the deal with those “Man-pris” and bedroom slippers with a little leprechaun buckle in the post-game press conference?  Now it’s hard for me to be critical of my man, Cam Newton. Admittedly, I’ve got a man crush on Carolina’s first superstar...even with those Shrek ears. Even I have to throw the flag on this one, however. 
So why would a physical specimen like Cam Newton push the limits of tolerable dress? Was this just a fashionista dazzling a slow country audience of the Carolina’s?  I guess it could be worse, he could’ve been wearing Uggs.  Look, I may be country, and I may be slow--but this is just going too far Cam! 

In the wake of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s robbery of “the Vault,” either I have chosen to focus on this bizarre get-up instead of the game or there is some meaning to this tragedy. What’s behind this wardrobe selection?  (Although amusing, this discussion has consumed far too much of humanity’s time)

  1. Cam lost a bet.  This was proposed by Atlanta Falcon’s writer and contributor to the NFC South Bound and Down podcast, Scott Carasik.  Scott attributed this to some sort of undisclosed betting between iconic sports stars, such as Dwayne Wade or Russell Westbrook.  Clearly, Cam bet on the Panthers and lost. 

  1. Cam’s got fashion sense and paper.  When you are as big-time as Cam you can push fashion limits, and believe you me...this is pushing the limits.  I can’t believe, however, that Cam is ahead of the fashion curve here though.  I had a West Coast friend text me the day after (so this can’t just be me being country slow) describe this attire as “tragic.” 
  1. Cam sells Mary Kay. This one made me laugh the most.  Hopefully, Carolina can get their act together and avoid cosmetic sales.  Although, a little foundation and blush could be helpful in hiding that blackeye delivered by the Steelers.  

  1. Sunday was ladies' night. This outfit was clearly a statement, just not a fashion statement.  Cam must have been trying to tell us something, and I think it was that Carolina played like a bunch of girls.The girl pants had to have been an attempt to point out that Carolina, particularly the offensive line, left their man pants at home.   Well, I’m here to tell you folks, the women’s lingerie only works in baseball.   Carolina needs to put on their man pants and head to Baltimore, because Steve Smith is waiting.

Here are a couple of fun comments about Cam’s attire.  Make sure you leave one in the comments section below.

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  1. I think Cam Newton started a clothing line for women. If this is true... he did a great job at marketing the product. I really think he lost a bet because what he wore was just ridiculous. I lost a bet one time and had to get mow hawk but I would never wear what Cam wore.