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Monday, April 28, 2014

PantherNation Goes Olineman in Round 6! Your on the Clock. Vote Now!

With a majority of 90%, PantherNation has said we will pick an Offensive Lineman at Pick #204 in Round 6!  So we fans also like Hog-Mollies and it is time to select one that will pay dividends.  You have made five exceptional picks thus far, but we Championship Teams know how to find diamonds in the rough.  You have an interesting choice to make here on Day 3 of the Draft.  Who will join the likes of Greg Hardy, Byron Bell, Robert Lester and Melvin White as late round pickups (or undrafted Fas) to crack the starting lineup in Carolina?  Below are five worthy candidates of which one has second round talent but requires patience:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Backyard Ballers: Interview with Jimmy Legree, former Gamecock Corner

LIVE MONDAY, 4/28 @10 PM!


Jimmy Legree, former SC #Gamecock  and NFL prospect, joins the C3 crew to talk about his college career, preparing for the NFL, the #USC  pro day, and the #Carolina  #Panthers. Check C3's player profile on Jimmy Legree from our "Backyard Ballers" series. 

Jimmy Legree

Is the BPA Draft Strategy Really Just BS?

Is the BPA (best player available) draft strategy really just BS? Yea, kind of. No one really thinks that BPA can be applied sterilely in every situation.  If that was the case, GMs would have to take players that wouldn’t start or improve the make-up of their team. The extreme example of a team with a franchise quarterback, like New England or Green Bay, taking a quarterback over a top rated player in a position of need alone dispels sterile application of BPA.

But the Godfather Gettleman has reminded us over and over that is what Carolina plans to do, take the best player available.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Backyard Ballers: Carolina Gamecock Jimmy Legree

Jimmy Legree was a good corner for the Carolina Gamecocks for several years and spent the vast majority of his time as a starter after redshirting during his freshman season. In 2012 and 2013, Jimmy was an integral part of their defensive backfield.

When he came out of high school, he was either a 2- or 3-star recruit. Translation: decent player but probably won't be a star.

Inserted as the starting free safety in 2011 after a strong 2-pick showing in the spring game, Legree struggled and after two games the young player was used on special teams and from the bench.

In 2012, he moved to the cornerback position and that's where he hit his stride. Not letting his uneven play from 2011 keep him down, he got back up and went right at it with gusto. It didn't take him long to prove to the Head Ball Coach that he could cover wide receivers and appeared in every game since then, sharing time at the position with teammate Akeem Auguste.

You've gotta admire a guy who faces adversity, gets knocked down, gets back up, and is better than ever for it. It demonstrates character, resilience, and a can-do attitude that every NFL team desires in their players.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Decide The Draft Don't Mock It! Prince Shembo Coming Home To The Panthers in Round 5!

Don't Mock the Draft, Decide It RD 6

Hey Panther Fans, think about your draft so far:  Round 1- Playmaker Brandin Cooks  Round 2- Hog Molly Jack Mewhort Round 3. The Pierre Desir Island Round 4.- WF Standout and Back-yard Baller Michael Campanaro.  And now at Pick #168 in Round Five, PantherNation has spoken and have called one of our own home.  Audrey Kell High School product and Notre Dame standout, Prince Shembo, is the choice.   That is a First-Class Draft so far.  Let’s take a little deeper look at the new Prince of BOA: 

Prince Shembo had 86 tackles, 9 sacks, two forced-fumbles and two fumbles and two interceptions as a Junior at Audrey Kell.  Now that is some impressive numbers at that age.  Last season as a Junior at Notre Dame, he racked up 55 tackles as well as 7.5 sacks.  He lined up all over the field and has the strength to set the edge in the run game and to drop into coverage.  He’s the prototypical size too at 6’1, 253 lbs. with a 4.62 40 time.  Look for him to contribute on special teams right away while earning future playing time at linebacker.  Great Pick PantherNation.

Now, we have to turn our attention to Round 6.  We need more depth on the Offensive and Defensive Lines as well as our Secondary.  So vote today for what position we focus on next:  Offensive Lineman, Defensive Lineman, Safety, or Cornerback.  And follow me on Twitter for ongoing draft discussions at

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Legacy of a West Coast Panthers Fan: the Jose Elvis Ruvalcaba II Story

Greetings Panthers Nation. I would like to introduce myself and share how I came to love the Carolina Panthers. My name is Jose Elvis Ruvalcaba II. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA (a.k.a South Central). Like many kids today, I was raised in a broken home and I looked for solace with a family member, my Uncle William. It was my Uncle Will who raised me. He took me under his wing and taught me about life. Even though we were only 2 years apart, he was wiser and more mature than me. I used to live for the weekends because I always wanted to go to Will's pad. The first memory I have of watching football was with him. I woke up to the TV blasting and him rooting "GO PANTHERS! It was at that moment I determined "that's my team." I had no clue, no idea what I was watching, but because he was rooting for them, I was forever branded a Panthers fan.

Fast forward some years and after high school I joined the U.S Army  (Ho-Ah!) for 2 specific reasons: 1. I am a Patriot at heart and this is one great nation we live in and I felt a sense of duty/service to keep it that way. 2. for my Uncle Will, just to make him proud. I remember in boot camp we would get 10 minutes per week on a Saturday to call home. I would always ask how Will was doing or what he was up to because I never got a chance to call him. I would always phone home and with tears of joy running down my cheeks just happy to hear the voices of my family.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Time to Pick a Linebacker in Round 5!

Don't Mock the Draft, Decide It RD 5!

With four rounds in the rearview mirror, PantherNation realizes this is the part of the draft that wins championships. (Click here to see picks 1-4)   Though a close vote in the latest Carolina Cat Chronicles poll, you want to see the Panthers take a LB at pick #168.  Good choice, we need depth behind Thomas Davis and Chase Blackburn.  We have AJ Klein who shows promise, but we need more depth for sure.  And in the 5th RD we are also looking for that Special Teams Ace if possible.  Below are five candidates for your consideration.  Vote today.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why the Panthers will Draft an Offensive Tackle in Round One

People that have been paying attention to David Gettleman and his ways have noticed one thing about him so far. He isn't shy about pulling in lower-end free agents.

There is quite a list of names there, including Ted Ginn, Jr., Drayton Florence, Quentin Mikell, Mike Mitchell and many others last year while pretty much anyone at WR with an NFL catch on the roster right now was signed just this this year.

Fans can "fan"tasize about the shiny newest model-of-the-week WR toy for Cam but after having signed what appears to be a "normal" haul of low-enders, Mr. Gettleman so far has neglected one area of great interest...and that is one of offensive tackle.

I'm not blaming him because the reasons are simple: There is a premium placed on pass rushers and even more of a premium on those who can stop most of them.

Have you noticed how, in recent years, the RB position has been devalued? The trend should continue in 2014's draft but instead of making a mistake in the top-five with a Trent Richardson (and a top-5 RB pick is an anomaly these days let alone to whiff on it), I would be very surprised to see any RBs taken in the first round at all.

The top-3 left tackles will be long gone by #28 overall. Even questionably-positioned tackle Zack Martin of the Fighting Irish should be gone. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Backyard Ballers: Furman's Dakota Dozier

Hey gang. So far in our "Backyard Ballers" we've had two from S.C. and just Monday my fellow friends here at C-cubed did a great job interviewing Wake Forest WR Mike Campanaro.

Today I'm going to take a look at a guy who has a lot working against him - small school, unsexy position, and learning a new position in the NFL.

Dakota Dozier played left tackle at tiny Furman University - it's a small school in the upstate of South Carolina which has actually been a powerhouse over the years in their area of the pond.

Like many smaller-school tackles, Dozier is a guy who projects as a guard in the NFL. Remember, Amini Silatolu was the same way from Midwestern State and each season the NFL sees several college tackles coming in being drafted as interior linemen. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Carolina Panthers’ Derek Anderson Vents about Prick Cop on Twitter

“I’m so salty” Derek Anderson said after being ticketed for what looks to be too dark of window tint.  It broke with this tweet by the Panthers backup quarterback:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Camp Coming To Charlotte According To PantherNation

Michael Campanaro is your overwhelming selection for Cam’s now weapon in Rd 4.  And I for one think it is the right call.  Camp, who was interviewed on this site Monday night, brings a unique combination of Wes Welker-like sneakiness and Antonio Brown –like completeness.  He’s not the biggest WR out there, but he does run a 4.44 40 and knows how to get open and very rarely will you see him drop a pass.  One eye-popping stat on this young man

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cat Chronicles: Interview with Michael Campanaro

Join "the Crew" Monday night as we interview former Wake Forest WR and "Backyard Baller" Michael Campanaro.  "Camp" is a big time talent that Cat Chronicles believes just could be a hidden gem in the 2014 draft.  He’s a fearless player that we think would fit perfectly with Carolina’s tough-nosed, gritty character under Ron Rivera. He will join us by phone during this week's show to talk about his combine performance, the draft, his NFL future, and you can bet we won't let him go without asking him about potentially catching passes from Cam Newton in 2014!  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pick Another Toy For Cam in Round 4!

Don't Mock the Draft, Decide It RD 4!

So far, PantherNation has selected Mach 7 Brandin Cooks in Rd 1, Hog-Molly Jack Mewhort in Rd 2 and top-flight Corner Pierre Desire in Rd 3.  Now you have spoken again and overwhelmingly want another toy for Cam to play with on Sundays.  Taking a look at the current roster, Cooks provides the deep threat and home run capability, Cotchery and Avant provide the steady and experienced veterans that will teach the young guys how to be Professionals.  Now we need a guy that can grow with Cam that can be that go-to guy in terms of being able to convert on third down and can grow along with Cooks and Cam. 

This year’s WR Draft class is the deepest in recent memory.  Take a look at the below five quality candidates that we can nab in the 4th RD.  All would look good in Carolina Black & Blue.  So who’s it going to be?  It is highly doubtful that the Panthers take three Wide Receivers so make this vote count. 

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1.      Michael Campanaro-  This “Backyard Baller” out of Wake Forest reminds this analyst a lot of Wes Welker.  Camp once caught 16 passes in a single game and would complement Cooks, Avant and Cotchery nicely as he brings a different dimension.  He has been worked out by the Panthers and is going to be interviewed live on this website on Monday April 14th at 10:00 PM EST.  Tune in and learn more. For now, watch this and “Camp out with Campanaro:”

Thursday, April 10, 2014

CAMP FEARLESS with Michael Campanaro Monday at 10 PM

Join "the Crew" Monday night as we interview former Wake Forest WR and "Backyard Baller" Michael Campanaro.  "Camp" is a big time talent that Cat Chronicles believes just could be a hidden gem in the 2014 draft.  He’s a fearless player that we think would fit perfectly with Carolina’s tough-nosed, gritty character under Ron Rivera. He will join us by phone during this week's show to talk about his combine performance, the draft, his NFL future, and you can bet we won't let him go without asking him about potentially catching passes from Cam Newton in 2014!  Be sure to join us for #CAMPFEARLESS, Monday 4/14 at 10 PM.  Leave a question in the comments section below for this Backyard Baller.  

You Have Spoken and PantherNation Chooses Pierre Desir in Rd. 3!


PantherNation is on fire!  After taking the electrifying Brandin Cooks in Rd. 1 and Hog-Mollie Jack Mewhort in Rd. 2, you have decisively selected Pierre Desir.  This big-time prospect out of little Lindenwood College has future star written all over him.  He is a great size at 6’1 198 lbs. and has great speed in the 4.4 range. 

But here’s why I love the pick:  Put a guy with natural athletic ability and fluid mechanics behind our mythical D-Line and there is the opportunity to have the next great player on our hands.  Greatness needs opportunity, support and talent, this situation lends to all three.  Watch how natural his turns are and how fluid and low his back pedal is.  The Panthers have worked this young man out and assuming he is there at Pick 92 you will hear this Panthers analyst erupt with excitement.  I can only imagine how good he will be with our front seven.  But a word of caution Panther Fans: Be patient.  He hasn’t faced the top-line competition that we will see week in and week out in the NFL.  He may falter early but the sky is the limit for this kid.  Great pick PantherNation! 

Want more highlights? 

Now on to Round 4.  The middle rounds are what separates the men from the boys, so let’s get this one right.  Vote for the position you want. Make your voice heard.  And follow me, Erin Ford, on twitter @PanthersDrafter

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Have Faith, Panthers Fans - Gettleman and Rivera on Top of their Game

It's a bit of a stormy Saturday afternoon outside and one I don't want to dabble in and got to thinking.

Yes - in my case, a mind is a terrible thing, but putting that aside for the moment, please humor me with a few minutes of your time to help calm your fears over recent events regarding the Carolina Panthers.

I just wanted to share my impressions of some of the things I've been seeing and hearing over the past couple of months regarding the roster and wanted to try and help keep the "fanship" on a bit more even-keel by pointing out a few things that we DO know and see where that leads us, hm?


Please forgive any "rambling" here, but I'm trying to tie together a number of angles and it must necessarily be a bit wordy. Lots of information looked at, I promise. Bear with me. I gave up half a Saturday for you, so cut me some slack on this one okay? ;)

Despite any PC-like quotes Rivera may or may not say about a specific player, like DeSean "We'd be interested in looking at him" Jackson, General Manager David Gettleman has made things very, very clear on numerous occasions. In short, he wants to be able to have the ability to keep our home-grown "Star" (pun intended SO much) talent in Charlotte, and past the rookie four to five-year deals they start their careers there under.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Carolina Panthers Backyard Ballers: USC's WR Bruce Ellington

Backyard Baller: Bruce Ellington 

In this series' initial installment, I took a look at Clemson's offensive lineman Brandon Thomas and how he may project to the NFL, but the recent bad news on him is that he tore his ACL in training.

Now, we move to in-state rival University of South Carolina and have a look at one of the "other" players on their roster....someone whose last name doesn't rhyme with "frowney."

I did attend South Carolina's Pro Day last week, so I got to see him run his routes and catch some passes from QB Connor Shaw, so at least I did get an unfettered view of him in a comparison with his fellow WRs and the guy did stand out with crisp routes in general and smooth in his cuts.

That said, you have to give anyone's game tape a lot more weight than a few "backyard" pass patterns in shorts and a t-shirt without defenders. That was about the only drill he did, positional or otherwise, that I was able to see very well. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of other people all over the field.

We all know about Jadeveon Clowney, undoubtedly the premier athlete at ANY position in this year's NFL draft. In fact, it has been a number of years since such a freakish, productive college football player has entered his name into the hat for the next level.

But football is a team sport - again, as we all know - and several Gamecocks have been slowly but surely creeping up the draft board since the NFL combine.

Ellington is one of those guys.

First, let's review his vitals: He's only 5'9" but weighs in at 197 lbs, making him a very solidly-built young man very reminiscent of ex-Carolina Panther Captain Munnerlyn (5'8" 195 lbs.).

Bruce ran a 4.45 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, demonstrating very good speed for the position. He recorded 15 bench press repetitions at 225 lbs, showing very nice strength for a wide receiver prospect which puts a number of sorts on his frame and his strength for his stature. With a 39 1/2 inch vertical jump, ten feet even on the broad jump, a sub-4 seconds in the short shuttle and a very quick 6.69 seconds in the 3-cone, he shows agility equal  to his strength and speed.

Put this all together, and he compares well to another ex-Panther named Steve Smith.

Usually, smaller guys like Ellington (or Smitty) are relegated to the slot at the NFL level, but Ellington's strength may mean he's an exception to that general rule. It all depends on what team and system he finds himself in.

With that in mind, let's take a look at his strengths and weaknesses.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

PantherNation Chooses Corner Back for Round 3!


Panther Nation’s closest vote yet came to a close and our choice is for a Corner Back in Round 3.  There is no denying this unit needs an infusion of talent.  So who’s it going to be Panther Nation?  Vote now from the below candidates to have the next Carolina Island named after him:

1.      Stanley Jean-Baptiste- This WR converted to Corner Back out of Nebraska is the  prototypical “new-age” Corner Back made en vogue by Seattle.  Long and instinctive defender measuring in at 6’3, 218 lbs.  He’s a little stiff in the hips but has a knack to make the big play and will be a hot commodity on Draft Day

2.     Keith McGill- Another lengthy and physical athlete out of Utah.  At 6’3 211, he runs a sub 4.45 40.  Look for McGill to rise up the board on Draft Day

3.     Pierre Desir- This is another long corner back at 6’1 198 lbs.  Exceptional athlete with solid mechanics.  Small school product that may take a little time to adjust to elite competition, but very high ceiling.  Recently met with the Panthers

4.    Marcus Roberson-  This Florida Gator is a very talented and intriguing prospect.  Also good size at 6’0 191 lbs. and is flying under the radar due to missing much of last season due to injury.  But look for this fluid athlete to turn heads in his rookie season

5.    Victor Hampton- This Charlotte native isn't the ideal size but is very effective.  At 5’9 197 lbs., this sparkplug plays with a chip on his shoulder and would instantly become our Nickel Back and is a punt returner as well.  Captain Munnerlyn 2.0?

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Make this vote count Panther Nation.  Who is going to be the guy to shut down Julio Jones, Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston for years to come?  Follow me on Twitter @PanthersDrafter for updates and ongoing Panthers discussions.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ron Rivera: Chump or Champ?

29-38-13-7-15-8…the numbers that forged the legend of “Riverboat Ron.”  Rivera’s Powerball jackpot was big. It included a NFC South Championship, a 3-year contract extension, and the slick-ass moniker “Riverboat Ron.” The numbers weren’t random, however. They’re significant. Rivera had played these numbers for three years before hitting his payday.

2-9 (2011 start)
3-8 (2012 start)
1-3 (2013 start)
7-15 in games decided by less than 7 points.
8 game win streak (franchise record) that ended in a 12-4 season, a division title, and a home playoff game in 2013. 

Winning the Powerball jackpot removed the angst of losing for most fans.  It was an electrifying experience. Panther fans huddled around Rivera’s Panthers as they went on a hot streak that would make any Vegas pro jitter with excitement. The hot-streak ended, however, as they all do, in loss. Burned by the river card, Rivera walked away convinced he had made the right play. He was still Riverboat Ron, right?

All professional gamesters experience this defining type moment.  It’s not the hot streak. It’s not the loss. It’s not even that the loss came because of a bad beat. It’s the return to the tables that is the real test of a gambler’s fortitude.  Rivera's 2014 return to the high stakes table will determine his legacy in Carolina. 

Gamblers generally attribute winning to skill rather than luck. Despite their devotion to the numbers, the strategy, the game, there are times when they are reminded that they are still fundamentally games of chance.  In the end, the gambler is always gambling. The gamester can respond to these defining moments in two ways: through instinctual confidence or a developing a festering fear of failure. The burn can either resolve their confidence that chance can be mastered or paralyze them by the fear that chance is not in their favor.

So how will Riverboat Ron respond?  Is he a “chump” or a “champ?”

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

At Pick #60 PantherNation Selects Hog-Molly Jack Mewhort

Don't Mock the Draft, Decide It RD 2

PantherNation has spoken clearly once again.  Though a tough choice, your selection for our 2nd Round Pick is All-American Ohio State Buckeye, Jack Mewhort.  At 6’6 and 309 lbs., this Hog-Molly sure looks the part.  I love this pick at #60, as he is known as a powerful blocker with a lot of traits that the Panthers covet:  He is naturally big with an absolutely huge wing-span of 80 ¼ Inches.   He was voted Team Captain by his peers, is very durable and can play all five positions on the line.  He does need to learn to play lower, as he won’t be able to overpower everyone in the NFL the way he did in college.  But take a look at what Coach Urban Meyer has to say about his “tough guy,”and look for him to immediately upgrade our line and make a big difference. 

Again, great job making your voice heard PantherNation.  Now you have to decide what position we pick at Pick #92.  Another Wide Receiver, Offensive Lineman, Defensive Back?  Vote now.  Then follow me on Twitter @PanthersDrafter and read my Panther Picks at

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BREAKING NEWS - Greg Hardy Traded to Falcons for Picks, Harry Douglas

Yes, Panther Nation, the news just broke and I am SHOCKED!

NOBODY saw a blockbuster deal like this coming. It was just announced that the Carolina Panthers traded defensive end Greg Hardy to the Atlanta Falcons for their second and sixth-round picks in May's draft this year AND wide receiver Harry Douglas.

To complete the trade, the Panthers also send reserve RB Kenyon Barner, a rookie who was injured much of last year and ineffective when he did see the field while the Falcons ship the Panthers reserve DE Cliff Matthews.

The Panthers also receive Atlanta's fifth-round pick in 2015.


I would say I can't believe he was traded, but now it makes perfect sense as to why Gettleman slapped Hardy with the franchise tag instead of a long-term made him easier to quietly shop and trade because there is NO massive salary attached to him.

Trading The Kraken to a divisional foe isn't the best idea, in my opinion, especially given the state of the offensive tackle position for the Panthers. Gettleman just handed the Atlanta Falcons a weapon to use against us that we are incapable of dealing with at the moment.

I certainly don't see a Byron Bell stopping him. A rookie, no matter how good, will be hard-pressed to slow him down, too.