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Sunday, September 14, 2014

FANatics Open Discussion: Will the Panthers Win Or Lose and Why?

Here's your chance to go on record as to today's Home Opener.  I say we fall behind early but win late due to the play of Monsters, Inc! and the Lions having to play a third string RT.  Vote now and leave a comment as to why.  GO PANTHERS!!!!


  1. The offensive lineman in this picture is named Always upright and never on his "Backus"????

    About to head to the stadium now... super pumped to see our boys put the whooping.


    Panthers offense should win this game for us. They are banged up in the secondary...Cam...make hay on these cowardly lions.

  3. I think the defense steps up after a mild start, and I think the Cam and KB show debuts today in a big way. Can't wait for this game!


  4. Our defense vs their oline goes to us. If Cam plays good we should win