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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cam Newton or Andrew Luck? Your Call Panther Nation! Vote

So it seems as though Panther Nation is sensitive to the topic of Cam vs Luck.  I posed the question on Facebook “Would you trade Cam for Luck?”  375 responses later (and counting) I realized that this is not your ordinary Panther topic.  Why does this question resonate?  I can’t speak for all of Panther Nation but I can speak for myself and I can share some of the posts.  Let me know if you agree and then vote for who you think is better, Andrew Luck or Super Cam. 

Then tune in to this website at 10:00 EST on Tuesday July 1 and watch us discuss the results and this topic with two Colts Fans.  One of which is my fellow DraftTek Analyst, Rick McGlothlin.  This is going to be good. 

First, here are some posts from Facebook: 



Donald Hamrick Like Marcus said he don't know what game u watched so Aaron it clearly speaks u don't know shit about football cause da QB was doing a little bit of everything then Steve Smith didn't really catch shit that's why he no longer with u no disrespect to him but we have to move forward with Benjamin just watch as this team progress fake ass Panthers why don't u ride the bandwagon with the Colts u look better



Will Britt Cam is the best player for the panthers. He gets the stadium pumped and it is not boring to go to a game anymore. Cam Newton all the way! #KeepPounding



Aaron Prince I am a long time panther fan. Our defense won us all those games. Cam blew the playoffs. So I'm in favor of shipping him out for Luck, that's if the colts would have cam.

Now here is my perspective:  Did you have a hot girlfriend in high school that either turned you down or dumped you?  Well I did and I equate her to Andrew Luck.  There will always be that “WTH” component when thinking about her and about Luck.  He basically told us that we weren’t good enough for him so he went back to Stanford.  Well, just like in real life, I married way better than that girl from past and we at Panther Nation married way better with Cam. 

Now go vote and let’s see what you think Panther Nation.  Let’s hear your voice!  And follow me on twitter @PanthersDrafter.  And as always, Keep Pounding.

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