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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Madden '15 Cover: Cam Newton Challenges Richard Sherman

Panther fans, Cam has launched an unprecedented Cam-paign for the Madden cover.  Ace Boogie challenged Richard Sherman to a mano-a-mano game of Madden on the console of his choosing. He even
has a personalized phone line, 1-888-CAMPAIGN for Sherman to call in to accept his challenge.  SuperCam stepped into the booth and opened up the Bat phone for the villain of Madden-City  (sorry lots of mixed superhero analogies there). The Cam-paign, however, reached out to any and all Madden fans, allowing them the opportunity play Cam personally.  It looks like Cam will be on the Madden cover this year because this is a serious, unprecedented, and simply AWESOME campaign.  

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