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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Knee-Jerk Reaction to a Self-Inflicted Wound at BOA

Wow, we should have won this game.  We made so many crucial and self-inflicted errors.  I LOVE Cam Newton, but he owes his team one here.  His best play was him avoiding a safety.  And his absolute worst, which was the difference in the game, was his zone-read fumble in the Red Zone.  Points there, and we most likely win.  The D did well today, but collapsed at the end.

There were some good things however:  Norwell could Wally Pipp Amini at LG.  He has a nasty streak and he is impressive.  I also liked JSTEW, Thomas Davis, Kelvin Benjamin, and Josh Norman.  And I really liked Rookie Tre Boston getting some action at Safety.
The worst of the day were Byron Bell and Nate Chandler and the absence of Greg Olsen.  But when Cam falls short, so do we.

There were other crucial errors such as Bersin's fair-catching inside the 10 with non one near him, like committing pass-interference to extend drives, so on and so forth.  But the bottom line is this team does not look like a team that has the belief that they are going to win.  Last year we did, this year, not so much.  

Now Panther Nation, root for the Packers and know that Thursday night's game is now a must win.


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  1. I thought Ealy played well and Star shined. Carolina LOST this game. You're right, this one is on Cam. I haven't seen the post-game presser yet, but I hope he owns it...takes his medicine and moves on. Defense looked much improved today. We can win with that defense. Carolina's offense beat itself. It was nice to see Stewart eatin up. Cam fumble, INT...and some yuck at the end.