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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Only Time Derek Anderson Ever Clowned Charles Johnson

It’s not every day that Derek Anderson gets to clown an NFL defensive end, let alone a quarterback eating monster like Charles “Big Money” Johnson. Anderson made the most of a rare opportunity yesterday when he joked on Panther defensive stud, Johnson, about being a fat running back that ate his way from the offense to the defense.

Big Money posted this video of his days as a high school running back to Instagram yesterday:

Anderson jokingly asked his teammate: 

Twitter hasn’t been all that forgiving of Anderson as of late.  He’s had some callous exchanges with fans after lambasting a police officers as having short man syndrome when he was ticketed for illegally tinted windows.  #C3 ran a piece on Anderson’s tweets, not because were trying to take advantage of one of those Twitter rants that we all have had and didn’t really mean or wish to stick, but because of the interchange with fans that followed.  #C3 is fan-focused Panthers site, one where we always strive to keep the fan perspective at the core of what we do.  In this case, fans responded negatively to Anderson’s comments, and we wanted to highlight the fan reaction, rather than featuring the rant.

I know there are some fans out there who didn’t like Anderson’s Twitter comments about the police and the psychology behind their actions. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but I was a little surprised he stuck with the comments and bantered back against fan criticism.  I got to argue that in this exchange with Johnson, in immortal words of Dumb and Dumber, Anderson “totally redeemed” himself.   This was funny, and Big Money thought so too.

Kudos to Anderson for clowning Charles Johnson.  As a QB you have to strike back when you can, because it’s guys like him that turn QBs into backup QBs.  

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